Advice for Singles Games


The Government has announced the ‘Stay Alert’ phase in their Co-Vid 19 strategy, providing limited scope for sporting activities. This has now been actioned by Petanque England. Club sessions remain suspended until further notice, and individual Club members should make their own  decision if they feel it is safe to play, and by taking the appropriate actions and safeguards at The PIerhead.

The most important restriction is that you can only play as singles and, in our case, only one game per terrain.

The Pierhead is a very public area and as such:

– Individual risk assessments should include both contact with surfaces and the proximity of any other people, and, In this respect,

   the storage tower must not be  used.

– We need to be seen to be complying consistently with the official guidelines at all times.

PE have suggested booking court time, but we believe that is impractical  and would suggest:

  • (Joining and…) Using the Members’ WhatsApp Group to inform when you intend to play,
  • Giving way to others who arrive to play, in reasonable time.

Best wishes and stay safe

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