Yorkshire Petanque


Yorkshire Petanque AND Petanque England (PE) Membership 

A structure within which the sport has a chance to thrive. 
A collection of local clubs may succeed temporarily but if you want to keep playing Petanque something more substantial is needed. 
Civil Liability Insurance– your club needs to be insured. 
Qualified umpires to help ensure that the game is played correctly. 
The rules of Petanque are standardised internationally. Each new member receives a rules booklet. 
Qualified coaches at national, regional and club level to help players who want to improve their techniques. 
Advice for new clubs such as how to build terrains, what equipment is needed, what grants can be applied for , how to organise tournaments. 
PE licences which are valid as an international licence allowing players to play in tournaments whilst abroad. 
Free Entry into the European Cup for Clubs(Initially played within regions then nationally then internationally) 
PE membership includes full Yorkshire Petanque membership 

The annual cost for an adult to join PE (2022) via Yorkshire Petanque is £33 or £5 for a junior.  

Of that £33 – £25 goes to PE and £8 to Yorkshire Petanque. Yorkshire Petanque does not retain any of the junior fee. 
Players can join PE through their club or can join as Independent. 
If your club wants to register with PE then six Club members must become individual members of PE (only 3 needed in first year) and there is an annual club registration fee of £35. 
Membership forms are available from the Regional Membership Secretary – contact details are available via the INFO introductory page. 
PE has an online membership system which can be used by individuals to join PE or to renew their licence. 

Yorkshire Petanque Associate Status 

We recognise that despite the benefits listed above some players and some clubs do not see sufficient benefit in joining PE. 
We do not want to lose contact with them so in 2012 Northern (now Yorkshire Petanque) introduced an associate membership category for both clubs and individuals.  

For Clubs 

The annual membership fee is 50% of PE club membership fee. 
There is no minimum membership requirement. 
Associate status allows a club to plan tournaments in conjunction with full Yorkshire Petanque clubs and to advertise their tournaments on the Yorkshire Petanque website. 
All Yorkshire Petanque clubs may use 100Mb of the Yorkshire Petanque website for their own use (password protected to their control).  

For Individuals 

The annual fee for Yorkshire Petanque associate members is £8 (juniors free). 
Associate status will allow a player to play in Regional tournaments that do not lead to representing the region at national level. 
Currently this is Mixed Pairs & Singles. 
Associate members will receive a license from the regional membership secretary. 
To minimise costs these will be sent to the club secretary in groups. 
Anyone needing a license urgently should contact the regional membership secretary using the contact details on the website. 
You can check that your membership has been updated on the Players and Clubs page of the website. 
Associate members can also attend coaching sessions without charge. 
All Yorkshire Petanque members have access to books and DVD’s about Petanque. These are available to borrow free of charge. 
All players joining Yorkshire Petanque receive a free rule book.