La Bouillabaisse est Championne

The Final of the St Michael’s Cup took place on the evening of 9th September.

This is a Triples completion open to all, organised by HMPC. It raises money for St Michael’s Hospice, and this was the first holding of the event post COVID.

Following the League matches and semi-finals, the Final was between The Bouillabaisses and The Ale Trailers. Neither team had won the Cup before, so a new name on the Trophy was guaranteed. Both teams demonstrated the skills which had got them to the Final, but it was Bouillabaisses who took control of the match, with exceptional pointing, shooting and teamwork, and they went on to win convincingly.

The Trophy was presented by Felicity Wheeler, Fundraising Manager at St. Michael’s Hospice.

Congratulations to Sue, Maureen and Dennis.

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